Dear Members & Friends of the Cosmic Baseball Association,

The past year saw continued growth of the Cosmic Baseball Association in most areas including website development, membership, new team development and player creations. The 2000 playing season saw several new teams compete and the number of requested Personal Cosmic Games increased dramatically. We also put online a searchable database of cosmic baseball players and their career records.

With growth comes associated challenges and one of those challenges that the CBA confronted during the year was the technical operation of the website. As a result of changes made by our primary hosting service in the Spring we were required to disperse the site over several additional hosting organizations. This temporarily impacted the availability of some portions of the website. By the Fall we had overcome most of the problems and today all parts of the website are available.

The challenges associated with growth notwithstanding, we expect continued growth of the website as we move officially into the 21st Century. Plans to develop real-time interactive cosmic games are in the works. The Board of Directors has authorized the staff to dramatically increase the amount of poetry and poets represented at the website. A program to encourage more participation in the creation of the cosmic player plates is also going to be implemented.

On behalf of all the staff and associates of the Cosmic Baseball Association I would like to thank our members and friends for their continued support.

Catch you later,

Executive Director

CBA Annual Report, Page 2

Elka Stein

The Board of Directors meets at least three times a year in various locations. Refer to the Calendar for upcoming meetings.

Major actions by the Board in 2000
  • Approved a permanent LinkExchange banner on the Casey at the Bat Main Plate

  • Approved website sales of Casey at the Bat T-shirts

  • Re-affirmed policy that memberships dues are optional

  • Approved 6-month renewal of contract with IDS for statistical data service

  • Formed Committee to study feasibility of Real-time Interactive Cosmic Baseball Games

CBA Annual Report, Page 3

The concept of "membership" at the Cosmic Baseball Association continues to be evaluated by the Board of Directors. A final report on the nature of membership at the CBA, scheduled to be released during 2000, was delayed and is now scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2001.

In 2000 membership increased to 2,614. The Board of Directors re-affirmed the policy of making membership dues optional. The consequence of that policy is that only about 1% of the membership pays dues. One of the factors being studied in the evaluation of the membership program is the relationship between member services and dues. Because the membership program generates so little revenue very little beyond a membership ID number and a digitized membership logo is offered to members. The possibility of a two-tiered membership program is one of the options being evaluated: dues-paying members would receive extended benefits such as T-shirts and team caps in addition to the valued ID number and logo. Non-dues paying members would continue to receive the ID number and the logo.

A secondary function of the membership division is to field the variety of questions, mostly via e-mail, that are sent to the CBA. The 2000 year saw a dramatic increase in the number of queries. Of course membership queries are given priority. Over eight thousand requests for information were received and answered; about 14% of the requests came directly from members.

Estimates of membership growth for 2001 are in the 10-15% range and CBA will do its best to be responsive and helpful to the growing number of members.

CBA Annual Report, Page 4

During 2000 the Cosmic Baseball Association's website registered over 425,000 hits and averaged over 1,000 unique visitors a day. This is significant given the technical problems that the site endured between May and September. Our representation in the various Internet search engines continues to grow and we recorded a record number of member/guest book entries. In May 2000 we finally registered the domain name.

The most challenging technical issue that we confronted during 2000 was the migration of parts of the site to several other hosting services. This was necessary due to policy changes made by our original hosting service in May. An initial migration of the entire site to servers maintained by turned out to be inadequate because of the severe technical problems encountered with Xoom's servers. In August parts of the website were migrated to Geocities and to Website-Works. Geocities provides free storage space in exchange for the display of annoying pop-up banner ads. Website-Works offered us 10 megabytes of free storage and only requires that we display a small company logo at the bottom of our pages. In September several parts of the website were migrated to which also offers free storage space in exchange for a banner advertisement at the bottom of each stored page. In November we utilized the banner-free storage space offered by to store our searchable database of cosmic player career records. The main CBA home page and selected other pages remain at our original location at which is now owned by Verio. We hope one day to reunite the entire website at one location but until then the current arrangement will have to suffice.

The size of the website continues to grow. There are some 900 individual plates accounting for over 50 megabytes of data stored on six separate hosts. On any given day between 200 and 300 plates are accessed by visitors. The tables below detail some of the most popular plates at the website.

Table 1. Total Hits, etc.

Table 2. Ten Most Popular Plates at CBA's Website

Table 3. Most Popular Plates by Selected Category

Source: IDStats (December 1, 1999 - November 30, 2000)

Table 4. Search Engine Listings

Search Term: "Cosmic Baseball Association"
as of December 19, 2000

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1.      The financial situation of the Cosmic Baseball Association is currently unstable. The CBA is in need of better fiscal management but more importantly it is in need of cold hard cash.

2.     Because the single most important commodity we transact for is basic time, and since the value of time fluctuates, sometimes radically, it is difficult to accurately assemble realistic budgets that will conform to reality over any given time.

3.      The Cosmic Baseball Association is not strictly speaking a business enterprise and therefore it is not subject to the ways and means of an organization trying to make money.

4.     The biggest expenses for the Cosmic Baseball Association are the fees paid to our internet service providers (ISPs). Our primary service provider, Verio (nee radically increased their storage fees during the past year. As a result a decision was made to transfer some of the website to other less costly providers. An additional expense is the cost of the statistical information we receive from IDStat. Because of the unstable financial condition of the Cosmic Baseball Association most staff and associates work on a volunteer basis.

5.    The primary source of money flowing into the Cosmic Baseball Association comes from membership dues, T-shirt sales and random contributions from friends. The total of these funds amounts to approximately 2.2% of total annual expenses.

6.     A detail of income and expenses is available upon request by sending an email to the Chief Financial Officer.

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January 26
Winter Meetings
Groton, Massachusetts

February 11
Winter Rookie Draft

March 15
Ides of March

Regular Cosmic Season Begins
Washington Presidents @ Paradise Pisces

June 28
Spring Meetings
Avignon, France

July 20
Summer Rookie Draft

September 23
Regular Cosmic Season Ends

October 1
Subleague Series Begins

October 9
CBA's 20th Anniversary

October 13
Fall Meetings
Silver Spring, Maryland

October 18
Journal of the CBA, Vol. 20 Published

November 22

Cosmic Universal Series Begins

CBA Annual Report, Page 7

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CBA Annual Report 2000-2001
Published: December 20, 2000
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