The PARADISE PISCES are the Cosmic Baseball Association's flagship team. Created on October 13, 1981 in Los Angeles, California the Pisces were the first cosmic baseball team to be commissioned. Beginning with the 1999 season members of this team must be born under the sign of the two great fish swimming in opposite directions.

Team Roster
Player Date of Birth Position
Marion Barry
Former Mayor of Washington, D.C.
03/06/1936 Pitcher
Drew Barrymore
American Actress
02/22/1975 CF
Robert Bork
Former U.S. Solicitor General
03/01/1927 Pitcher
Elizabeth Browning
English Poet
03/06/1806 Pitcher
Cyd Charisse
American film actress and dancer
03/08/1921 Pitcher
Frederic Chopin
03/01/1810 Infield
Fats Domino
American Jazz Musician
02/26/1928 Firstbase
Wyatt Earp
American Lawman
03/19/1848 Pitcher
Kelsey Grammer
American Television Actor
02/20/1955 Pitcher
Patricia Hearst*
Kidnap Victim/Actress/Novelist/Heiress
02/20/1954 Outfield
Jennifer Love Hewitt
American Actress
02/21/1979 Rightfield
Henrik Ibsen
Norwegian Playwright
03/20/1828 Catcher
Steve Jobs
American Computer Scientist and Businessman
02/24/1955 Leftfield
Spike Lee
American Filmmaker
03/20/1957 Shortstop
Jerry Lewis
American Actor, Comedian, Film Director
03/16/1926 Pitcher
Henry W. Longfellow
American Poet
02/27/1807 Outfield
Doctor Seuss
American Children's Book Writer
03/02/1904 Utility
Bobby Unser
American Race Car Driver
02/20/1934 Secondbase
Antonio Vivaldi
Italian Composer
03/04/1678 Thirdbase
Vanessa Williams
Former Miss America
03/18/1963 Pitcher
Team Staff & Management
Kurt Cobain
American Musician
02/20/1967 Manager
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Russian Composer
03/18/1844 Coach
Chelsea Clinton
Former U.S. "First Daughter"
02/27/1980 G.M.
Andrew Zinebrenner
American Entrepreneur
03/15/1928 Owner
Home Park          Paradise Park          Seats 33,333
Italics indicates ROOKIE
* Free Agent

Paradise Pisces

Paradise Pisces

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    Paradise Pisces- Season 2001 Official Team Roster
    Published: December 4, 2000
    Updated: February 4, 2001
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