The HEARTLAND CAPITALISTS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of businessmen, entrepreneurs and capitalists. Originally the team consisted primarily of economists, however since Peter Drucker took over ownership of the team the trend has been to draft successful business managers. All six rookies on this season's team hold high level executive positions at large corporations.

Team Roster

Player Company Position
Steve Ballmer Microsoft Corp. Centerfield
Jeff Bezos Amazon.Com Shortstop
Andrew Carnegie US Steel Pitcher
Steve Case America Online Corp. Thirdbase
Philip Condit Boeing Company Outfield
Michael Dell Dell Computer Pitcher
Larry Ellison Oracle Corp. Leftfield
William Esrey Sprint Telecommunications Secondbase
William Gates Microsoft Rightfield
Lou Gerstner IBM Pitcher
Andy Grove Intel Pitcher
Lee Iacocca Chrysler Firstbase
Susan Ivey Brown & Williamson Utility
Summerfield K. Johnston Jr. Coca Cola Enterprises Pitcher
Philip Knight Nike Pitcher
David H. Komansky Merrill Lynch Pitcher
Akio Morita Sony Infield
Jacques Nasser Ford Motor Company Pitcher
John Pepper Proctor & Gamble Catcher
George Soros Soros Fund Pitcher
John Welch General Electric Outfield
Team Staff & Management
Ayn Rand Philosopher Manager
Carelton Fiorina Hewlett-Packard Coach
Karl Weick*
*Replaced Ted Turner on May 27, 2001.
University of Michigan G.M.
Peter Drucker Management Consultant Owner
Home Park Industrial Park Seats 27,499
Italics indicates Rookie      

Heartland Capitalists

Heartland Capitalists

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    Heartland Capitalists- Season 2001 Official Team Roster
    Published: December 8, 2000
    Updated: May 28, 2001
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