The DHARMA BEATS represent the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of Beat Generation personalities.

Team Roster

Player Position
David Amram Pitcher
Levi Asher   Secondbase
Ray Bremser Thirdbase
William Burroughs   Pitcher
Lucien Carr Shortstop
Neal Cassady   Pitcher
Gregory Corso   Firstbase
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Rightfield
John C. Holmes Utility
Herbert Huncke Catcher
David Kammerer Pitcher
Jack Kerouac    Leftfield
Michael McClure Pitcher
Jack Micheline   Pitcher
Charles Plymell Centerfield
Kenneth Rexroth   Outfield
Gary Snyder Pitcher
Lew Welch   Pitcher
Philip Whalen   Infield
Team Management
Robert Kelly Manager
Gerald Nicosia Coach
John Sampas   G.M.
Allen Ginsberg   Owner
Home Park DharmaDome Seats 33,333

Dharma Beats

Dharma Beats

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    Dharma Beats- Season 2001 Official Team Roster
    Published: December 3, 2000
    Copyright © 2001 by the Cosmic Baseball Association