Wonderland Warriors vs Psychedelphia Woodstockings

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Warriors WIN Series, 4-2

(11.28.2001)  Well, it should not come as any surprise, given the nature of cosmic correspondence, that the Wonderland Warriors, the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of military personnel, should be victorious over the Psychedelphia Woodstockings, a cosmic team of notable 1960s personalities. As United States Marines Task Force 58 begins to settle in about 70-80 miles from the city of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, fulfilling its mission in the 21st century "war on terrorism," the Wonderland Warriors scooped up a third Cosmic Baseball Association championship.

(11.22.2001)  This series, the 20th in the Cosmic Baseball Association's history, is being built up as a battle between war and peace. The Overleague pennant winning and militaristic Wonderland Warriors against the activist-acting, peace-loving, drug-dropping hippies of the Middleleague, namely the Psychedelphia Woodstockings. Each team has its fans.

Schedule of Games

  • Game One. Thursday, November 22, 2001. Woodsox-1 @ Warriors-3.

  • Game Two. Friday, November 23, 2001. Woodsox-6 @ Warriors-9.

  • Game Three. Saturday, November 24, 2001. Warriors-3 @ Woodsox-5.

  • Game Four. Sunday, November 25, 2001. Warriors-0 @ Woodsox-1.

  • Game Five. Monday, November 26, 2001. Warriors-2 @ Woodsox-1

  • Game Six. Tuesday, November 27, 2001. Woodsox-2 @ Warriors-6

Composite Statistics

Series MCP

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Game 1
Warriors Lead Series, 1-0

Warriors Win Game, 3-1


Homerun: Claudia Kennedy




Game 1 Notes

Sun Tzu pitched a masterpiece and the Wonderland Warriors rode to victory in Game 1 atop his powerful shoulders (and left arm.) Timothy Leary didn't pitch a bad game for the Psychedelphia Woodsox but good pitching usually beats good batting but excellent, awesome pitching almost always shuts down batting of any kind.


Game 2
Warriors Lead Series, 2-0

Warriors Win Game, 9-6


Homeruns: Hernando Cortes (2), Francis Marion, Claudia Kennedy, Jeremy Boorda.




Game 2 Notes

The Wonderland Warriors won Game 1 behind phenomenal pitching. So in Game 2 the team decided to show everyone that they could win with their big guns (five homeruns were knocked out in the game, all by Warriors.) Even Warrior pitcher and Navy Admiral Jeremy Boorda produced big today, with his bat, not his right throwing arm. (Boorda was 2 for 3 at bat with a double and a homerun. Psychedelphia Woodsox pitcher and activist folk singer Phil Ochs finally just walked Boorda in the 8th inning.)

Game 3
Warriors Lead Series, 2-1

Woodsox Win Game, 5-3


Homeruns:  Omar Bradley, Mario Savio, Martin Luther King.




Game 3 Notes

Few cosmic baseball fans were looking forward to this game because the cosmic baseball fates had matched up on the pitching mound two culturally unsavory individuals. The Wonderland Warriors were starting William Calley, jewelry store proprietor and former United States Army Lieutenant convicted of massacring souls at the village of My Lai in Vietnam on March 16, 1968. The Psychedelphia Woodsox were starting Charles Manson, convicted murderer and 1960s acid-fascist cult leader. Both pitched fair games but Manson prevailed as the Woodsox won their first game of the series.

Game 4
Series tied, 2-2

Woodsox Win Game, 1-0


Homeruns:  None.




Game 4 Notes

Psychedelphia Woodstockings Oscar Janiger and Howard Zinn combined forces to manufacture the only run scored in the game. In the fifth inning, thirdbaseman and American historian and college proferssor Zinn smacked a leadoff single to leftfield, just over the head of shortstop and American Revolutionary warrior Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. Utopian idealist. musician, commune leader and secondbaseman Lew Gottlieb flew out to centerfield. Leader of the North Vietnamese communists and Woodsox firstbaseman, Ho Chi Minh also flew out, to shallow right field. Zinn is still on firstbase, with two outs. Woodsox pitcher and founder of the Youth International Party Abbie Hoffman draws a walk. Zinn moves to second; two out, two on. Warrior pitcher and first female commanding officer of a U.S. Navy commissioned ship Darlene M. Iskra has faced psychiatrist and LSD researcher Janiger twice before in the game. Twice she got Janiger out, a fly ball to center, a groundout to second. On the first pitch in the fifth inning to Janiger, the Woodsox centerfielder smacked a curveball into right field for a single...and Zinn scored the first and only run of the game.

Game 5
Warriors Lead Series, 3-2

Warriors Win Game, 2-1


Homeruns:  Moshe Dayan, Claudia Kennedy.




Game 5 Notes

Warrior thirdbaseman and Israeli army General Moshe Dayan opened the game with a solo home run and centerfielder and the United States army's first female Lt. General (three stars) hit a solo homerun with two outs in the Warrior ninth inning and that, as they say, was that. In a re-match of the pitchers from the first game of the series, both Warrior pitcher Sun Tzu and Woodsox starter Timothy Leary pitched above average games. The Warriors also committed another fielding error...that makes one Warrior error in each of the last four games. The Woodsox haven't committed an error yet in the Series.

Game 6
Warriors WIN Series, 4-2

Warriors Win Game, 6-2


Homeruns:  Omar Bradley, Claudia Kennedy




Game 6 Notes

Lt. General Claudia Kennedy (U.S. Army, Ret.) closed out this series for the Wonderland Warriors in the seventh inning when she knocked out her fourth series home run. The final game of the 2001 Cosmic Universal Series was marred by three errors. And remarkable for a bizarre bottom of the eighth inning when Psychedelphia Woodsox pitcher and protest musician Phil Ochs had what we will just call an "episode" on the mound. It has been twelve seasons since the Warriors won a Cosmic Universal Series. They are the only cosmic team to have a perfect 3-0 record in the Series. The Woodsox have now been to the Series twice and they are still looking for that ultimate and elusive Series championship.

Composite Statistics
Woodsox Batting (6 Games)

Warriors Batting (6 Games)

Composite Pitching (6 Games)

Series Most Cosmic Player (MCP)

Sun Tzu

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