The Alphatown Ionians are one of the Cosmic Baseball Association's original teams first created in 1981. The team originally represented philosophers. Today the Ionians are comprised of both philosophers and scientists in recognition of the fact that in this day and age the two disciplines have, in some significant ways, merged. However, there are many in and out of the Cosmic Baseball Association that believe the two disciplines should be separated, at least on the cosmic field of play. That will not be happening this season but a proposal to split the team up in the future is under consideration.

Team Roster

Player Field Position
Robert Atanasoff Science Pitcher
Rene Blondlot Science Pitcher
Noam Chomsky Philosophy Leftfield
John Dewey Philosophy Pitcher
Sigmund Freud Science Pitcher
Robert Goddard Science Rightfield
George F.W. Hegel Philosophy Firstbase
Martin Heidegger Philosophy Outfield
Immanuel Kant Philosophy Centerfield
Thomas Kuhn   Science Pitcher
Friederich Nietzsche Philosophy Catcher
Hermann Oberth Science Pitcher
Max Planck Science Infield
Wilhelm Reich   Science Pitcher
Bertrand Russell Philosophy Secondbase
Alfred Tarski Science Shortstop
Thales Philosophy Pitcher
Alan Turing Science Thirdbase
Simone Weil   Philosophy Utility
Team Management
Rene Descartes   Philosopher Manager
David Hume   Philosopher Coach
Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosopher G.M.
Confucius   Philosopher Owner
Home Park Alphadome Seats 44,444
Italics indicates rookie

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    Alphatown Ionians- Season 2001 Official Team Roster
    Published: December 2, 2000
    Copyright © 2000 by the Cosmic Baseball Association