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January 8, 2008

Cosmic Baseball Game
Candidates Shut Out New Hampshire

Despite John Edwards' error and Mitt Romney getting caught stealing, the Candidates won the game. Outstanding performances by starting pitcher Ron Paul (nine shutout innings) and first baseman John McCain (3-for-4, 2 runs, one run batted in) made the Candidates succeed. Fred Thompson and Joe Biden each had a run batted in; Obama had a hit and Clinton whacked a triple (but never scored).

Candidate Note: Pitcher Mike Huckabee, upset at his loss against the Iowans, has asked the team's management if his friend Chuck Norris can be his designated catcher. The team said no.

The native-born team from New Hampshire seemed disinterested at best and this had many onlookers confused if not miffed since on the ground in the real New Hampshire reports suggest there is a greater than usual interest in the politics of the moment.



January 4, 2008

Harriet Nelson- born in Des Moines, Iowa

Cosmic Baseball Game
Native Iowans Beat Presidential Candidates

Native Iowans like Johnny Carson, Herbert Hoover and Donna Reed beat the visiting group of egos running for permission to be nominated for election to the Presidency of the United States. The down-to-earth Iowans defeated the candidates in a well executed cosmic baseball game.

The Candidates remain road-bound and native-born New Hampshirers will be their next opponent. Of the Candidates...who did the best? Statistically speaking it looks like Obama, with two hits, a run, a run batted in, including a double and a stolen base.



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Published: January 8, 2008