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Archived: January 31, 2004
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Hall of Fame Controversy
Will CBA Contract?
January 26, 2004
CBA Home
A secret report prepared by a group of individuals at the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance recommends that the Cosmic Baseball Association reduce the overall number of active cosmic baseball playing teams by half. This would require deactivating twelve of the currently active teams. Further, the secret COBRA report advocates reducing the number of playing league from three to two. According to sources, the report specifically recommends getting rid of the middleleague. Six teams would compete in the Overleague and six teams would compete in the Underleague. The best of both leagues would meet in the Cosmic Universal Series. (Presumably there would no longer be a Subleague Series.)

Would it be possible to enact a contraction plan in time for the start of the 2004 Season, scheduled to begin on March 15? What is the position of the CBA's Board of Directors? What do members, fans and friends of the Cosmic Baseball Association think about contraction? If you have an opinion send it to

Washington Presidents Name Candidates Team
January 19, 2004
2004 Candidates Team
Every four years the Washington Presidents name individuals to the Presidential Candidates Team. The Candidates Team functions like a minor league affiliate and serves as a talent feeder to the mother team. All members of the big league Washington Presidents have played, at one time or another, on the Candidates Team. Of course, playing on the team does not assure one will be a United States President. In US election years, like 2004, when there is an incumbent president running for re-election, make the chances of a Candidate Team member getting to the big league even slimmer.

Here is the Official Roster of the 2004 Candidate Team:

Candidate		Party		Position	

Clark, Wesley		Democrat	Shortstop	

Dean, Howard		Democrat	Firstbase	

Edwards, John		Democrat	Secondbase	

Gephardt, Richard	Democrat	Pitcher	

Herbert, Mary Alice	Socialist	Leftfield	

Kerry, John		Democrat	Thirdbase	

Russo, Aaron		Libertarian	Rightfield	

Salzman, Lorna		Green		Pitcher	

Sharpton, Al		Democrat	Catcher	

Weill, Ted C.		Reform		Centerfield	

NTT/Verio Moves CBA's Server
January 9, 2004
Cosmic Baseball Association
Our service provider, NTT/Verio, has moved the Cosmic Baseball Association's website from one Unix server to another. The move required a change to the Internet Protocol (IP) address. Generally it takes 24-48 hours for the Domain Name Service (DNS) change to propagate throughout the Internet. In most cases our visitors will be unaffected by the change, however, some visitors may experience a brief and temporary delay accessing pages at the CBA's website.

For those who track such information, now resolves to the following IP address:

Pete Rose : Saint Augustine
Janaury 3, 2004
Hall of Fame Controversy
Former Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent appeared skeptical of Pete Rose's alleged confession that he bet on baseball games. That confession is rumored to be in a book ghost written for Rose called My Prison Without Bars. The book is due out this month. Vincent, in a New York Times op-ed piece, published on New Year's Day, wrote,
Pardon me while I rise to urge some caution. Ever since St. Augustine set the bar pretty high, there has been a certain style to confessional tomes. Now we have a mea culpa by Mr. Rose and no saint is he. Augustine, having lived it up, saw the light and wrote with a sense of guilt and regret. He even anguished over having stolen a pear. Early reports are that Mr. Rose confronts his past with very little remorse. Between him and Augustine, there is little doubt whose book will live longer.
Pardon us, Mr. Vincent, but your mixing lemons and sour grapes here. It is true that Pete Rose is no St. Augustine. But St. Augustine is no Pete Rose. It is not fair to compare the two souls. Rose was a scrappy batter/infielder for many long Major League Baseball seasons and St. Augustine, the official record shows, was a starting Cosmic Baseball pitcher for just two seasons with the Eden Bohemians. Just as it isn't fair to compare their baseball records, it isn't just to compare their "Confessions."

Saint Augustine Nevertheless, Mr. Vincent does go on to make a thoughtful suggestion. As part of the "reinstatement" process the former Baseball Commissioner suggests that Rose be required,

[T]o travel the baseball highway to spell out to youngsters and fans why gambling is a threat to the game and why his decisions as manager were corrupted by betting on one game and not another. The sincerity of his redemption can be tested and he will have done some public service...
While we prefer our suggestion that Rose be "enshrined" in the Baseball Hall of Fame, literally, physically and permanently, Mr. Vincent's practical approach has much to commend it. These decisions, however, are up to the current Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, who has, from time to time, shown us that he is no saint marching into glory.

Happy New Year
January 1, 2004
Happy New Year 2004
To our members, friends and visitors...we would like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year. We hope for peace on Earth, but we are not optimistic. We hope the good beats the bad and that the Red Sox beat the Yankees. We pray that it won't be politics as usual, but we are not optimistic. We hope the wealthy get less greedy and the poorer folk less needy. We want the downtrodden to be uplifted, but we are not optimistic. We desire more no-hitters than grand-slams. We believe Pete Rose ought to be enshrined in and confined to the halls of the Baseball Hall of Fame: literally, physically, permanently. We want to be more optimistic. We want, more or less, what we want. And for the New Year, we want to resolve to want less and to give more.

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