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January 28, 2002
Cosmic Baseball Players
Motherland Mothers Draft Medea for Starting Rotation
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Mothers Roster
The ancient sorceress who some claim murdered her own children in anger at her husband's infidelity has been drafted by the Motherland Mothers, the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of interesting mothers. Medea, daughter of Aeetes, the King of Aea (Colchis) and sister of Absyrtus, whom she cut up in pieces to distract her father's pursuit of her, and wife of Jason, captain of the Argo, and mother of two children, whom she killed in an act inspired by Jason's infidelity, this Medea is the newest member of the Mothers pitching staff.

Typical of myths and legends there is confusion about facts and details in connection with her existence. For example, most agree she and Jason had two children. However, according to the Greek scholar and author of On the Gods, Apollodorus (fl. 100 B.C.), these were two sons, Mermerus and Pheres. On the other hand, according to the traveler/geographer Pausanias (fl. 150 A.D.) there was a son, Medeus and a daughter, Eriopis (see P.'s Description of Greece). Most also agree that the children were killed. But some claim Medea committed the infanticide, others claim the citizens of Corinth murdered the children because they hated the witch.

According to Hesiod (fl. 800 B.C.), Medea's father, Aeetes married fair-cheeked Idyia (also known as Iduia the cunning woman), daughter of the Ocean. In the hands of the ancient Greek playwright, Euripedes (d. 406 B.C.), a contemporary of the philosopher Socrates (d. 399 B.C.), Medea becomes a spokeswoman for women in a patriarchal culture. Giovanni Simone Mayr (d. 1845) composed an opera on the theme called Medea in Corinto in the early 19th century. Last year a well-received production of the Euripedean tragedy was directed by Deborah Warner and starred Irish actress Fiona Shaw.

As for cosmic baseball experience all that is known is Medea won 12 straight games while pitching in the International Sorceress League. She is expected to be part of the Mothers starting rotation. Another infamous mother, Ma Barker, matriarch of the Barker criminal family, was deactivated and removed from the roster to make room for the rookie Medea.

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January 13, 2002
Cosmic Baseball Coaches
Edgar Cayce Named New Pisces Batting Coach
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Edgar Cayce
It won't exactly be "Cayce at the Bat," more like Cayce by the batting cage. The Paradise Pisces named American psychic Edgar Cayce as their new batting coach for the 2002 season. Cayce, born March 18, 1877 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky replaces Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in the coaching position.

Cayce, whose career as a photographer in Kentucky and in Alabama was augmented by his remarkable psychic abilities, began having visions when he was just a boy of seven. His first psychic "reading" took place on March 31, 1901. The "readings" occurred when Cayce would lie down and put himself in a sleep-like trance. He would then begin uttering statements, frequently offering medical diagnoses and treatments. In 1910 Dr. Wesley Ketchum, skeptical of Cayce's abilities attempted to discredit the photographer but instead wound up a believer. Ketchum submitted a paper to the American Society of Clinical Research calling Cayce a medical wonder.

By 1923 Cayce was performing so many readings that he hired Gladys Davis to transcribe the readings as they took place. While Cayce entered the trance state, his wife Gertrude would ask the questions and Davis would transcribe the answers. Over 14,000 readings have been transcribed and indexed. In 1925 the Cayce family moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia where a number of organizations were founded based on Cayce's psychic abilities. One such institution, Atlantic University was opened in 1930, but closed at the end of 1931 and then reopened in 1985. Today, Atlantic University offers an advanced degree in transpersonal studies.

It was Cayce's belief that as an individual becomes more spiritual their psychic abilities develop. Cayce never emphasized a specific dogma but supported the more general principles of tolerance, compassion and the unity or oneness of all life.

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January 7, 2002
Cosmic Baseball Teams
Vestal Virgins Get New Official Team Logo
Season 2002 Virgins roster
New Virgins Logo
In November the Vestal Virgins (the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of interesting women) announced that they would hold a contest to select a new team logo. Over 50 entries were received and evaluated by the logo review panel. A decision was reached and the new logo, displayed on the right, is the design work of Ms. Jennifer Bliss of Maryland. Ms. Bliss is a legal secretary in the Washington D.C. office of the McDermott, Will and Emery law firm. Educated and trained at the Corcoran Art Institute where she received a degree in fine arts, Ms. Bliss does occassional freelance graphic design work for various local businesses. As a reward for designing the selected logo, Ms. Bliss will become a rookie member of the Season 2002 Vestal Virgins.

January 5, 2002
Cosmic Baseball Player
Robert Kelly to Play for Eden Bohemians
Robert Kelly 1997 Plate
Robert Kelly
Perhaps following the lead of John Lennon who quit managing the Psychedelphia Woodsox (CBA's team of 1960s personalities) to play for the Delta Dragons (CBA's team of musicians) poet Robert Kelly has resigned as field manager of the Dharma Beats (CBA's team of Beat Generation individuals) to play for the Eden Bohemians (CBA's team of writers.)

Kelly has managed the Beats since 1997. Prior to managing the team he played in the Beat outfield for four seasons (1991-1994) and ended up with a career batting average of .245 and 29 career homeruns. His record as a manager stands at 409 wins and 401 losses (.505 winning percentage.) In 1997 he skippered the team to the Cosmic Universal Series where the Beats lost to the Pranktown Busriders in seven games.

The Beats plan to announce Kelly's replacement as manager sometime this month.

In real life the Brooklyn-born Kelly has, since 1961, been a teacher of poetry at Bard College, a small liberal arts school in New York's Hudson Valley. He is currently the college's Asher B. Edelman Professor of Languages and Literature. He founded the college's Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts in 1980 and was its director until 1992. He is the author of more than 50 books of poetry (including Red Actions, a selection of poems from 19601993,) several novels, and four collections of shorter fiction. His most recent books are Mont Blanc (a writing-through of Shelley's eponymous poem), The Time of Voice, Runes, and The Garden of Distances. Lapis (poems 19972000,) will be published in the winter of 2003. Other notable works include The Loom, The Mill of Particulars, the novel Cities and a wonderful short piece entitled A Line of Sight. On November 10, 2001 Bard College honored the poet with a "A Day of Poetry" in recognition of his forty years at the school.

January 2, 2002
Cosmic Baseball Teams
Chopintown Preluders- A New Cosmic Baseball Team
Link to Roster
The Cosmic Baseball Association announces the creation and deployment of the Chopintown Preluders, a new cosmic baseball team in the Underleague. The Preluders consist of the 24 preludes (Opus 28) written by Frederic Chopin in the 19th century. Music historians generally agree that Chopin's preludes essentially redfined the form. Emotionally evocative they span a wide range of feelings including joy, melancholy, humor and passion.

The online Official Team Roster includes links to MIDI formatted examples of each Prelude on the team.

January 1, 2002
New Year 2002 Message
Happy New Year to Our Members, Friends & Visitors
Happy New Year 2002
The Cosmic Baseball Association wishes a happy and healthy New Year 2002 to all of our members, friends and website visitors. We are looking forward to another exciting and innovative year. It will be our 21st consecutive cosmic season. As always the support of our friends is a source of great happiness. We are very grateful. Once again, we wish you and your's a Happy New Year and much good luck forever.



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