Official Season 2000 Cosmic Team Roster
Player Description Position
1911 Wright Model B first airplane model produced in quantity by the Wright Bros; used in first military bomb-drop tests Infield
ALVIN first manned deep-sea submersible craft Pitcher
Apollo 11 vehicle of the 1969 manned moon landing Secondbase
Chariot early (c.3000 BCE) wheeled vehicle, popular for two millennia throughout Europe and Asia Pitcher
Columbia first space shuttle Shortstop
Conestoga Wagon settled (and/or decimated) the American West Thirdbase
Fokker T-2 first coast-to-coast US flight Centerfield
Frigorifique first refrigerator ship Pitcher
Hudson Super-Six Sedan classic "rumbleseat" roadster Catcher
Kon-Tiki balsawood raft that proved maritime-migration theories Pitcher
Merrimack early iron-sided warship, built in 1862 Infield
Model T the "Tin Lizzie," manufactured from 1908 to 1927 Pitcher
Montgolfier Balloon vehicle of the first manned flight, in 1783 Rightfield
New Orleans first steamboat on the Mississippi Pitcher
Noah's Ark first mass-transit vehicle mentioned in world literature Leftfield
NYC Subway System 199-mile circulatory system of New York Pitcher
Otis Elevator made modern skyscrapers possible Pitcher
Pullman Car vehicle central to various American labor movements Outfield
Renault FT Tank dominant tank design of the period between World Wars Outfield
Titanic fabled ocean liner; sank on its maiden voyage in 1912 Firstbase
Tom Thumb first popular steam train in the US Infield
USS Nautilus first atomic-powered submarine, launched in 1954 Utility
Team Management
Appian Way most famous thoroughfare of the Roman Empire Manager
Panama Canal integral 20th-century Atlantic-Pacific link for American trade and defense Coach
Internal Combustion Engine power source for most vehicles currently in operation G.M.
The Wheel significant early invention Owner
Velodrome Home Park Seats 16,000

The Speed City Velocitors are a a new cosmic team created on January 23, 2000. It is a team of vehicles significant to the history of transportation, representing five millennia of human endeavor on land, on the sea, and in the air. The team is owned by the wheel, a legendary figure in transportation circles. The general manager is the internal combustion engine, the power source for most vehicles currently in operation. The Panama Canal and Appian Way serve as coach and field manager respectively.

The Velocitors are the charge of Angela Gunn, a journalist occasionally in motion and generally at rest at She spends much of her spare time listening for train whistles and seeking passage on the legendary slow boat to China.The Velocitors will be active during the 2000 season in the Cosmic Underleague.

Starting Lineup

Official Team Logo

Field Manager

Appian Way


Panama Canal

General Manager

Internal Combustion

Team Owner

The Wheel

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    The Velocitors are a new cosmic baseball team

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Speed City Velocitors- Season 2000 Official Team Roster
Published: January 24, 2000
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