Dear Members & Friends of the Cosmic Baseball Association,

The year 2000 rushes in with a global sense of anxiety as the world's inhabitants pause to see what wrath our technological development will generate. Those of us no longer young enough to know it all worry that our children and their children will inherit a world less friendly and more treacherous. It makes us worry but it should not compel us to give up our children or in ourselves.

Fortunately many of the real world traumas do not impact on the operations of the Cosmic Baseball Association. We are fortunate that the basic fuel used to operate CBA is mined not from the coalfields of eastern Kentucky nor the oil fields in Central Asia or in the malignant bedrooms of Ohio nor in the stuffy classrooms populated by academigods. It's not found in unearthing the remains of men and women who preferred to make the universe safe for hypocrisy. And it most certainly can not be found in the back offices of the double-speak politicians, lawyers and their various and sundry bastard cousins. We are lucky that our machinations and their interlocking gears run on energy discovered in the pure human spirit. We are lucky and blessed indeed.

We look forward to another exciting season here and we hope that our members and friends are as excited about their futures and potentials as we are about the CBA's. Season 2000 should be wonderful.

On behalf of the Cosmic Baseball Association and its entire staff I would like to thank you for your friendship and support. And we look forward to your continuing support and involvement with this small expression of the human imagination.

Catch you later,

Executive Director

CBA Annual Report, Page 2

Elka Stein

The Board of Directors meets at least three times a year in various locations. Refer to the Calendar for upcoming meetings.

Major actions by the Board in 1999
  • Approved 6 month "test" banner on the Casey at the Bat Main Plate

  • Did not approve banner on the Allen Ginsberg Memorial Plate

  • Affirmed "no advertising" policy at the CBA's website

  • Did not approve website sales of T-shirts

  • Re-affirmed policy that memberships dues are optional

  • Approved 6-month contract with IDS for statistical data service

  • Appointed Flash Black as Executive Director of the CBA

CBA Annual Report, Page 3

The concept of "membership" at the Cosmic Baseball Association underwent a detailed evaluation during the 1999 Season. This review came at a time of unprecedented gains in the number of requests for membership and the consequent processing of those requests. A final report on the nature of membership at the CBA will be completed and made available sometime during 2000. A broad range of possibilities is under consideration.

In 1999 the membership numbers soared past the 2,000 mark and headed towards the 2,500 gridline. The Board of Directors again re-affirmed CBA's policy of making membership dues optional. The consequence of that policy is that only about 1% of the membership pays any dues at all. On the other hand, you get what you pay for, and aside from a membership number and digitized membership logo, we don't really offer our members much more than the content of our website. And since that content is available to anybody, the motivation to pay for something already freely available is obviously low.

A secondary function of the membership division is to field the variety of questions, mostly via e-mail, that are sent to the CBA. The 1999 year saw a dramatic increase in the number of queries. Of course membership queries are given priority. Of the nearly six thousand requests for information about 10% came from members.

Estimates of membership growth for 2000 are in the 15-20% range and CBA will do its best to be responsive and helpful to the growing membership.

CBA Annual Report, Page 4

The Cosmic Baseball Association went online on the World Wide Web on October 12, 1994. The first cosmic "plates" included a CBA home page and an official roster for the 1995 Paradise Pisces. 1995 was the first full season tracked at the website. By today's standards the process of creating and uploading the pages to our internet service provider (ISP) was crude and unreliable. At the end of 1999 there were over 700 plates accumulating in excess of 30 megabytes of storage space on our ISP's server.

The Cosmic Baseball Association's website continues to attract an increasing number of visitors each year. The addition of various plates and the growth in the general internet population is obviously fueling this situation. Also of interest is the number of return visitors. A new auditing system was enabled in November, 1999 and this should help us better track visits and re-visits to the plates at the website.

The Pete Rose Hall of Fame Controversy plate jumped to the number one spot on the five most visited CBA plates during 1999. The Chelsea Clinton 1997 Cosmic Player Plate jumped over the Casey at the Bat plate and the Diane Arbus Memorial Plate makes a first time appearance on the top five list.

The Chelsea Clinton 1997 Cosmic Player Plate (she was a pitcher for the Paradise Pisces) supplanted the Jack Kerouac 1998 Cosmic Player Plate during the 1999 period as the most popular cosmic player based on the number of recorded plate visits. The Sylvia Plath 1996 Cosmic Player Plate continues to be one of the all time top favorite plates to visit. This is the fourth year in a row it has been in the top five list of favorite player plates.

For the second year in a row the 1998 Bigtopia Barnumstormers Official Cosmic Team Roster registered the most number of visits. Freaks always attract attention. The 1998 Wonderland Warriors Roster, the 1987 Khe Sanh Commanders Roster and the 1997 Paradise Pisces Roster remain in the top five but the 1996 Vestal Virgins Roster has displaced the 1997 Dharma Beats Roster for the1999 period.

Search Engine Listings

Internet search engines continue to register and index CBA plates as they are published. The table below indicates the numbers of "hits" the search term "cosmic baseball association" generates at selected search sites.

CBA Annual Report, Page 5

1.      The Cosmic Baseball Association was originally discorporated in West Hollywood, County of Los Angeles, California on October 9, 1981. After a move to Washington, D.C. in May 1982 the Association became a discorporation in both the District of Columbia and in the State of Maryland.

2.      The Cosmic Baseball Association is not strictly speaking a business enterprise and therefore it is not subject to the ways and means of an organization trying to make money. The Cosmic Baseball Association has not yet discovered a way to sell what it markets.

3.     The biggest expenses for the Cosmic Baseball Association are the fees paid to our internet service provider (ISP). We have been with essentially the same ISP for six years and despite our provider's growth and various mergers with other companies in the ISP market area, our costs have remained relatively stable with only slight annual increases. Our analysis indicates that the CBA pays a below-market rate for the volume of storage used on our ISP's servers.

4.    The primary source of money flowing into the Cosmic Baseball Association's coffers comes from membership dues and random contributions from friends. The total of these funds amounts to approximately 3% of total expenses.

5.      The financial situation of the Cosmic Baseball Association is currently stable but subject to quick change. Because the single most important commodity we transact for is basic time, and since the value of time fluctuates, sometimes radically, it is difficult to accurately assemble realistic budgets that will conform to reality over any given time. In terms of dollars and cents we expect expenses to grow at a moderate rate and income to grow at a generally slow rate.

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January 26
Winter Rookie Draft

February 11
Board of Directors Winter Meetings in Pismo Beach, California

March 15
Opening Day, Season 2000
Alphatown Ionians @ Paradise Pisces

June 28
Summer Rookie Draft

July 20
Board of Directors Summer Meetings in Damariscotta , Maine

September 22
Regular Season 2000 Ends

October 1
Subleague Series

October 9
CBA's 19th Anniversary
Board of Directors Fall Meetings in Groton, Massachusetts

November 23
Cosmic Universal Series XIX

CBA Annual Report, Page 7

Other Annual Reports

CBA Annual Report 1999-2000
Published: December 25, 1999
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