Official Season 2000 Cosmic Team Roster
Hans Berger Shortstop
Bruno Bettelheim Pitcher
A.A. Brill Pitcher
Pierre-Paul Broca Secondbase
Erik Erikson Firstbase
Gustav Fechner Thirdbase
Marie-Jean-Paul Flourens Outfield
Walter Freeman Centerfield
John Fulton Rightfield
Franz Joseph Gall Pitcher
Friedrich Goltz Pitcher
Carl Jung Pitcher
Heinz Kohut Pitcher
John Lilly Pitcher
William McDougall Infield
Egas Moniz Leftfield
Hermann Munk Catcher
Wilder Penfield Utility
Jan Perkinje Pitcher
Team Management
Jean Piaget Manager
B. F. Skinner Coach
Karl Lashley G.M.
Phineas Gage Owner
Cerebellum Park Park
italics indicates ROOKIE
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Starting Lineup

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Field Manager

Jean Piaget


B. F. Skinner

General Manager

Karl Lashley

Team Owner

Phineas Gage

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The Mindland Brains, representing individuals from the fields of neurology and brain science, were created on December 17, 1998 in Silver Spring, Maryland. Unfortunately the Brains' first season did not go very well and they finished the 1999 season in the basement of the Underleague. Sometimes it takes a season or two for a new team to get its bearings on the cosmic field of play.

For Season 2000 the Brains replaced the departed pitcher Wilhelm Reich with John C. Lilly, a well-regarded neuroscientist.

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Mindland Brains- Season 2000 Official Team Roster
Published: January 18, 2000
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