Official Season 2000 Cosmic Team Roster
Player Position
David Amram Pitcher
Levi Asher Secondbase
Ray Bremser Thirdbase
William Burroughs Pitcher
Lucien Carr Shortstop
Neal Cassady Pitcher
Gregory Corso Firstbase
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Rightfield
John C. Holmes Utility
Herbert Huncke Catcher
David Kammerer Pitcher
Jack Kerouac Leftfield
Jack Micheline Pitcher
Charles Plymell Centerfield
Kenneth Rexroth Outfield
Gary Snyder Pitcher
Lew Welch Pitcher
Ed White Pitcher
Philip Whalen Infield
Team Management
Robert Kelly Manager
Gerald Nicosia Coach
John Sampas G.M.
Allen Ginsberg Owner
DharmaDome Home Park
Italics inidicates ROOKIE  
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Starting Lineup

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Field Manager

Robert Kelly


Gerald Nicosia

General Manager

John Sampas

Team Owner

Allen Ginsberg

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Big Beat Roadshow Vortex 2000
Wichita, Kansas
September 26 - October 1, 2000
An energy banquet of beatitude and beat culture to take place in the heartland and heart of the continental U.S. as celebration where participants will kiss the sleeping sky awake in a resounding counterpoint of yes. The Holy Fools performance will include art, film, music, dance, cars (and at least one "Roman Holiday" type '58 Vespa) and words, words, words... a portal thru which the past and the future will pass and come together as the present in an inclusive dance where everyone and everything is and will be beat. On the road trips from across the nation to converge at Wichita in a parade of poetic hoo-hah. A symphony of all things still possible spinning symbiotic at the vortex. Cross-generational cross country reunion of the saints, angels and children of go re-ingniting the beat bomb that blew some fifty or so years ago. Kissing the sleeping giant awake, twisting in the fallout of the living dance.

More Information  

The Dharma Beats team was created on March 18, 1983 in Washington, D.C. The team honors individuals associated with the Beat Generation movement that flourished in the late 1940s and 1950s in the United States. The Beats have long been a popular cosmic team and in recent seasons they have tried to lay a claim to being the Cosmic Baseball Association's flagship team, a status currently held by the Paradise Pisces. Considering the Beats ended up in the Overleague cellar last season, it is unlikely that a flagship status change will take place any time soon. The Beats have been to one Cosmic Universal Series. In 1997 they were defeated in seven games by the upstart Pranktown Busriders, a team with which the Beats have some intrinsic and thematic affinity. The Beats are also related to the Dharma Roses. Many of the Roses have played at one time or another for the Beats.

For Season 2000 the Beats drafted two rookies: David Kammerer, while not a Beat writer has earned a special place in Beat history since he was the individual that Lucien Carr killed on August 13, 1944. Kammerer's death, along with the death of William Burroughs' common law wife Joan Vollmer Adams represent two events that helped marginalize the Beats in the eyes of the straight and square communities. The other Beat rookie, Ed White, is credited in Beat history with giving Jack Kerouac the idea to write like a painter sketches. This concept led Kerouac in the early 1950s to his innovative "spontaneous bop prosody" form of writing. Kammerer and White both join the Beats pitching staff.

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Dharma Beats- Season 2000 Official Team Roster
Published: January 21, 2000
Updated: April 1, 2000, August 22, 2000, March 16, 2002
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