Official Season 2000 Cosmic Team Roster
Player POS
Kenneth Anger Thirdbase
Bruce Baillie Catcher
Stan Brakhage Pitcher
Robert Breer Secondbase
James Broughton Firstbase
Luis Bunuel Pitcher
Storm De Hirsch Leftfield
Maya Deren Pitcher
Hollis Frampton Rightfield
Brian Frye Outfield
Ernie Gehr Shortstop
Barry Gerson Pitcher
Peter Kubelka Pitcher
Jonas Mekas Pitcher
Adolfas Mekas Infield
Harry Smith Centerfield
Michael Snow Pitcher
Amy Taubin Pitcher
Dziga Vertov Infield
Team Management
P. Adams Sitney Field Manager
Ken Kelman Coach
Annette Michelson General Manager
Jerome Hill Team Owner
PleasureDome Home Field
Italics indicates ROOKIE
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Starting Lineup

Official Team Logo

Field Manager

P.Adams Sitney


Ken Kelman

General Manager

Annette Michelson

Team Owner

Jerome Hill

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The original Bolex Poetics team was created between February 26 and March 4, 1996 in Silver Spring, Maryland. The original members of the team consisted of selected films by filmmakers associated with the New American Cinema movement. The Poetics were related to the CBA's Visionville Beasts which was a cosmic team created on March 18, 1985 in Silver Spring. The Beasts represented the filmmakers themselves. For Season 1997 the Beasts became the Poetics and the original Poetics players (the films) were deactivated after one season. The original Beasts made it to the Cosmic Universal Series twice (1989, 1991) but were defeated both times.

For the 2000 Cosmic Season the Poetics selected two rookies: Storm de Hirsch is an independent filmmaker, poet and teacher who has been associated with avant-garde filmmaking circles since the 1950s. Amy Taubin is also an experimental filmmaker and critic who writes for a number of publications including New York's Village Voice.

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Bolex Poetics- Season 2000 Official Team Roster
Published: January 20, 2000
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